Who can participate to the Vintage Racing Experience?

It is offered to everybody. However, you will need a valid driver's licence and be 18 years of age in order to drive one of our Vintage Mustangs. Our Mustang racing cars are equipped with manual transmissions for a full race feeling. You will need to have the ability to drive a manual transmission car. If you can’t, we have an automatic transmission racer also available for your disposition (please reserve in advance).

Under 18?

If you are under the age of 18 but still want to live the experience as a passenger, we require that parents sign a discharged and consent form. Note that parents must be present at the event and that they are responsible for their children. A child, must at all times, be supervised by his/hers parent. For safety purposes, participants have to be taller than 54 inches or 1,37 meters to fully enjoy the experience.

What about the safety?

Our experienced pilot will give you strict instructions and crucial advice to follow in order to optimize your experience while keeping you extremely safe. You must follow ALL instructions. Note that if you do not follow the instructions correctly or show signs of dangerous driving, our pilot can and will terminate your experience at any time, without reimbursement. Our experienced pilot is the only master on board. He has all the rights.

Who is responsible for damages?

The participants are not responsible for mechanical damages or failures that could occur to the cars during the experience except if the damages and or failures are the result of not following instructions and guidelines correctly provided by our experienced pilot, the flagging staff or any of our personnel. All damages caused by the loss of control of the vehicle or an aggressive driving will result on an automatic eviction off the track without reimbursement. Note that a $2500.00 deductible will be applicable to all damages caused to the car resulting of these reasons. Follow the instructions and everything will go well!

What happens if it rains?

Unfortunately, we do not control the weather but don't worry, your experience still awaits. If the conditions on the track are considered extreme or dangerous, your experience will be either rescheduled, to later during the day, or postponed, to another day. Please note that racing in the rain is an experience by itself and can be even more challenging. For any information and concerns during your experience day, do not hesitate to contact us.

What to wear?

We strongly recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and running shoes or any sport wear (no flip flops, sandals, high heels and open shoes will be accepted). We provide a racing helmet and a racing suit with all packages. If you have your own personal racing equipment, feel free to bring it as long as they are conform to safety standards in force. Please avoid jewellery and any clothing with straps and metal accessories.

Can I take pictures or videos?

You are allowed to take pictures and videos in designated areas only. Please note that we offer a souvenir photo and an a full video of your experience. Our cars are equipped with two cameras: one filming the front of the car and one located in the vehicle, filming reactions from both pilot and the passenger during the whole experience. You will have the opportunity leave with the video and souvenir picture at the end of your experience.

Can I bring someone along?

Of course, the more the merrier. However, your family, friends and any of your guests will need to remain within the limits of the designed areas. If you bring children, please make sure that they are under adult supervision at all times especially when you are on the track living your adventure.

Can I be injured?

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience while being the safest possible. However, racing is considered a dangerous sport and minor and major injuries occur sometimes and can even be lethal. Before entering the track, you will have to sign a waiver that explains to you the risks you are taking while enjoying the experience. Please inform us in advance of any medical situation or injuries that you might have. We will take them in consideration when giving you advice and guidelines to make sure you will fully enjoy your Vintage Racing Experience.

Can I offer racing experience packages as a gift?

Absolutely. Please contact us for more details.

Can I buy more laps or change my package options while on site?

We have time slots to respect however if you wish to add more laps or add options to your current package, we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

What are the payment options?

We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, INTERAC, cash and PAYPAL for all online reservations, at our facility, on the phone and for all purchases at the track. (PAYPAL is not available at the track / cash accepted only at the track or at our facility).